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My name is Patty and I am the Owner of I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my site and to introduce myself, my jewelry, and my Artists to you.

Jewelry has always been a passion of mine. I love all styles of jewelry, own many different styles, and have even designed and strung my own jewelry; however, Native American jewelry (also known as Southwestern Indian jewelry) has always touched a special part of my heart.  I love this unique handcrafted jewelry so much that I wanted to share it with everyone as well as educate those who are not familiar with Native Americans of the Southwest, their culture, their traditions, their jewelry making techniques, and the myriad gemstones used to create these dynamic pieces.  To my thinking, the most effective way to accomplish this was to create my own Internet business.  What evolved was  What makes this "Indian art" so special?  Read on . . .

Native American jewelry is true Native American art. When you wear this jewelry, you are wearing art; in fact, you'll find I describe a lot of the pieces on my site as "wearable art." 

Native American jewelry makes BOLD fashion statements -- in color, design, uniqueness. Though it's true fashion trends come and go, fine quality Native American jewelry endures and never goes out of style.  Native American jewelry is, quite simply, beautiful to look at and exciting to wear.

For generations, Native American Indians have been handcrafting custom jewelry.  Native American artists continue to pass their skills and knowledge on to their children, keeping their traditional ways and art forms alive.  When we purchase their jewelry, we help support their livelihood and honor their longstanding culture.

Native American jewelry tells a story.  Each piece is rich in tribal history.  Every stone and each jewelry making process holds symbolic, spiritual, and mystical significance.

When I listen to music, I am often "transported" to a different place.  I feel the same when I wear Native American jewelry. I am proudly "living" and "feeling" the culture of the artisans who created such magnificent pieces.


The Native American Artists whose jewelry I proudly display on are brilliant artisans from the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes with years and years of experience who continue to carry on their family’s traditions.  Many are known worldwide.  Some of those among our list of Artists are Tommy Singer, the Begay Family, Jimmy Emerson, Verna Blackgoat, Jackson, Joey McCray, Lucky, and Effie Callavaza.

Tommy Singer is a Navajo Indian from Winslow, Arizona.  He is a Jeweler and is known throughout the world for his jewelry work.  His traditional Navajo designs have endured for years and years.  Many of these designs are inspired by Navajo rugs and other traditional designs. Each piece is handcrafted with the true meaning of the Navajo way of living.

Berlinda Begay is a Navajo artist who is known for creating gorgeous necklaces.

Regana Begay specializes in Navajo cluster designs.

Calvin Begay designed his first piece at age 10.  He learned his craft from his mother and uncle.  He has been a jewelry designer and craftsman for more than 20 years and is a master in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process.  Calvin has won numerous awards at the Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonials, including Best of Show in 1989.  His jewelry is featured in Arizona Highway and Southwest Art Magazines.

Veronica Begay was born and raised on a reservation.  She is a silversmith and started learning her trade at age 15.  She comes from a family of famous silversmiths.  Veronica is the niece to famed Navajo Indian silversmith Victor Begay.

Navajo Artist, Jimmy Emerson, has been creating truly outstanding pieces for more than 20 years.

Verna Blackgoat is a Navajo Indian artist who has been a silversmith for 35 years.  She actually learned jewelry making from her former in-laws.

Jackson has been making top-of-the-line belt buckles since 1977 and can custom engrave ANYTHING.

Joey McCray has been a Navajo silversmith for 16 years.  He learned his trade from his father.

Lucky has been a Master Silversmith for 35 years.  He designs fantastic one-of-a-kind jewelry and, most recently, created a piece for Country Western celebrity, Gretchen Wilson.

Effie Callavaza is a Native American jewelry artist of the Zuni Pueblo.  Her work is in high demand worldwide.  Her trademark is serpent deity designs.  Other artists have tried to imitate her, and Effie has gone to the Supreme Court to gain copyright protection of her work.  She has been making silver jewelry nonstop since 1956.  The crafting of Zuni Indian jewelry is an art which demands expertise, patience and exactness. The channel inlay and snake design work of Effie Calavaza is among the best known of all Zuni jewelry. For nearly a half century, Effie has been perfecting her jewelry making technique. Together with her three daughters (Georgiana, Gloria Jean and Susie) and son, Randy, Effie creates pieces of jewelry widely acclaimed for its exactness of detail. All of the pieces crafted by the Calavaza family are stamped in the same manner: Effie C. Zuni. This is your assurance that the jewelry you are purchasing has been crafted in an expert fashion, using only the finest materials available. Most of the pieces produced by the Calavaza family - bolos, buckles, watch bracelets, pinky rings - are made using the traditional sand-cast technique. 


Thank you again for visiting  I am not just selling jewelry. My intention is to share knowledge about this industry, about the Native American rich culture, and about the talented Native American artists who put their true hearts and souls into their craft.

I hope you find a piece that interests you; that truly catches your eye and spirit. You will know when you see it. It will draw you in. Wear it proudly.  I -- and the gifted artisans who create these amazing pieces -- thank you for your patronage. 

Most sincerely,



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