Extension Chains

It is easy to lengthen the size of your necklace.  An extension chain can be purchased for specific items for $5.00 per inch.  All extension chains are STERLING SILVER. 

Necklace Sizer -- If you would like to know where an extension chain will fall on your neckline, cut a piece of string -- using a cloth tape measure -- to the exact length of the extension chain, then place the string on your neckline.  This will allow you to see exactly where on your body the extension chain will lie.  If your extension chain is going to hold a pendant, remember to add the length of the pendant in your measurement as well.  The longer the pendant, the farther down on your neckline the necklace will lie.

If you need more than 10" of an extension chain, please Contact Us at support@mynativejewelry.com.

Product   Price
1" Extension Chain   $5.00
2" Extension Chain   $10.00
3" Extension Chain   $15.00
4" Extension Chain   $20.00
5" Extension Chain   $25.00
6" Extension Chain   $30.00
7" Extension Chain   $35.00
8" Extension Chain   $40.00
9" Extension Chain   $45.00
10" Extension Chain   $50.00


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